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  • Our 24x7 Help Desk is among the most important aspects of iRoute. Do not miss an opportunity to satisfy your users by giving them the ability to contact our experienced team who are trained to help with any IT issue. Our team will remain professional while assisting users through their technical situation, at any time they need it.

    We provide a large selection of support services that operate transparently while being operated by your account manager. Our Help Desk services include: phone support, hardware support and remote support. As a standard, you are provided performance reports from our service desk. iRoute acknowledges the value from offering effective IT support that builds long-term relationships. We make it our mission to know your setup details, allowing our team to provide accurate support as you benefit from the value of superb service.

  • Get quick and responsive Remote IT Support services to help you solve any IT problem, while being cost effective. Our team will solve your issue with the least amount of effort possible to save you time. In most cases, our team of trained IT Support engineers are able to diagnose problems quickly, and make repairs to your technical issues remotely. This reduces costs, saves time and ensures that your business is able to fully focus on the important things, while avoiding major downtime.

    Our engineers access your systems remotely using secure methods, allowing us to investigate the situation as our team of experts were right in front of your computer. Usually, our experts are able to locate the problem and apply the fix right away, 9 out of 10 times.

    While the majority of technical issues can be done remotely, there may be situations when remote services cannot fix the problem and require onsite servicing. When these type of situations occur, you can call our support team. Our team of experts will come to you, ensuring you are operational in the shortest amount of time possible. If you are in need of onsite repairs or support, you can trust in our onsite IT support technicians to be professional, skilled and accredited.

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