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  • iRoute's IT Consultancy Service has been designed to help you streamline your costs, improve your performance and maximise the return on your IT investment, allowing you to take advantage of the best technology available for your business. We ensure that your innovative technology is cost-effective and scalable, with a massive emphasis put on performance, agility and usability. Our IT Consultancy Services are broken down into the following services: .

  • We scan your network to identify all of your network nodes and create a thorough network map, before following that up with a physical check of your infrastructure, software agreements, supplier agreements etc. With all of that information in hand, we then interview key stakeholders to ensure that we have a complete picture of your IT setup.

    With that information in hand, our IT consultants then go away and create a comprehensive audit document for you.

    Working hand in hand with our IT Roadmap service is our virtual IT Director offering, where you can take advantage of an impartial review of your IT policies and direction from a suitably qualified person with a lot of industry experience who may otherwise be an unavailable luxury for your business.

    Your experienced virtual IT Director could help with you your IT policy, roadmap and budgeting, help advise on IT hardware and software purchasing, network development, IT security, IT human resources and the like.

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