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  • iRoute IT Support has a vast network infrastructure that is designed to enhance sophisticated connectivity and service delivery. This network service acts as a solid base that enables your business to function optimally. The iRoute IT Support team is made up of experienced network engineers equipped with skills; information and knowledge built up over many years create and customize a LAN for you to depend on for your company’s present and future needs.

    We at iRoute IT Support ensure that that your network is reliable, secure and robust enough to give you an edge in efficient service delivery. We offer consultancy services to determine your requirements and specifications, to enable our network engineers design and build a LAN that will meet your specific IT needs. Our IT services include connectivity; configuration; path automation; visibility and analytics; installation of security appliances and networking, path automation and much more; all geared towards optimum efficiency and apt customer service delivery.

    We can review your present network system (on-site or remote) to ascertain the level of functionality and eliminate any difficulty or incompatibility; geared towards performance enhancement at an affordable cost. Our IT support system offers a 24/7 capable management of your day to day LAN services and saves you additional costs and stress.

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